Hi! I'm Elijah, a web developer in NYC



I'm a web developer that prefers to use Ruby on Rails but strives to learn other technologies. I'm one of the Co-Organizers of Ruby Project Night and love to teach as much as I can. I have strong convictions but am always open to change. Here are some things I've worked with!

  • Ruby – Rails, Sinatra, RSspec
  • Notable Gems – Devise, Cancancan, Delayed Jobs, Pundit
  • Javascript – React, JQuery
  • HTML5
  • CSS3 – Bootstrap, Foundation, Bourbon, SASS
  • SQL – Postgresql, MySQL

Neo Innovation


Working at Neo has shown me a new world other than just development. As a product team, we focused primarily on validating ideas and building startups from the ground up. I've not only grown technologically but I've had a glimpse of what it takes to actually start a successful startup.

Sept 2015

Wizard Development

Developer - The Winnower, BakeCycle

vinous vinous

As a developer at Wizard Development, I was given full custody of whichever application I was working on. What this meant was having full responsibility of new features including everything from the CSS, to the API, and all the code planning to go with it. Having this sort of freedom helped me grow as a problem solver and also cultivated learning and innovation.

March 2015

Barefoot Coders

Developer - Vinous Media


During my short stay at Barefoot Coders, I experienced my first production application and all the shell shock to go with it. This experience showed me that deploying is nothing to be scared about and pushed myself to write extendible production code.

Feb 15


Ruby on Rails - 12 Week Intensive


Attending Metis was the changing point in my career. The boot camp taught Ruby on Rails and the tech to go with it by one of the most famous rails consultants of our time, Thoughtbot. We were taught their best practices and were given a firm foundation to continue our education. Metis was both the most intense and awesome 3 months I’ve experienced.

September 2014

Graduate Rutgers University

Bachelor of Science – Major in Mathematics – Minor in Physics

Honors Thesis – A Study that used methods of Advanced Calculus, Number Theory, and graduate level Probability to prove “What is the probability that two random, independently chosen integers is co-prime?”

  • Dean’s List, four semesters.
  • Academic Achievement Award, four semesters.
May 2014